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Code of Ethics

The Purpose of Kardan's Ethical Code

Kardan takes pride in its professional business culture and therefore the company's management and directors formulated a code of conduct to guide all staff as they attend to company business. All directives in this code apply to any company-related activities being performed by managers, employees, and board members.


Fair business practices

Company employees and functionaries must conduct themselves in a fair and honest manner in their relationships with third parties, including business partners, suppliers and agents, as well as in all conduct related to the company's competitors.


Rules of on-the-job conduct and service

Company employees and functionaries will observe safety rules at work, make decisions based purely on professional considerations, maintain a presentable appearance that suits their position and task, and treat coworkers with respect.

On the job, company employees and functionaries will behave with respect, loyalty, integrity, politeness and thoughtfulness toward one another. Company employees will abstain from offensive activities or statements against any particular religion, community, race, sex, age group, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Employees who conduct negotiations with external bodies will act politely, respectfully and impartially, striving to behave in a professional, pleasant manner.


Cooperative interests among company employees

The company encourages its directors and employees to think creatively, take initiative and innovate. The difficult, competitive conditions that prevail in the marketplace necessitate cooperation between company employees in order to produce quality, efficiency and excellence in all areas of operations. These conditions are necessary for the company's continued success and growth. The company strives to be environmentally-friendly, and support the community, including its most vulnerable members.


Preserving dignity for all

Every person is entitled to respect and recognition. This requires respect for each person's dignity, desires, freedom of choice, freedom of action, values, and beliefs. Any behavior that harms another person's physical wellbeing or self-esteem, or serves to humiliate or shame, or that invades an individual's privacy, constitutes a violation of human dignity. Therefore, insulting any other person is strictly prohibited.


Protecting the environment

We are aware that adopting an environmental responsibility approach is likely to contribute to a sustainable environment for future generations. Therefore, we have challenged ourselves to minimize our operations' impact on the environment and to raise awareness of environmental conservation among our employees, suppliers and consumers. All managers and workers will act to lessen their environmental impact, wherever they are operating. They will act with environmental awareness, taking environmental considerations into account during decision-making. The company will act to improve awareness among employees and clients of the importance of safeguarding the environment for future generations.


Safeguarding Jewish tradition and the prohibition against work on the Sabbath and holidays

Paragraph 7 of the Hours of Work and Rest Law includes Saturday as the weekly day off. Additionally, Israeli holidays and commemorative days are considered vacation days, on which it is forbidden to require someone to work, according to the Hours of Work and Rest Law. Managers and employees are expected to respect the Sabbath on Saturday, on which Jewish tradition obligates all Jews to cease work, as well as Jewish holidays which are defined by management as holiday and vacation days.


Professional work while observing standards and regulations

Managers and employees will make consistent efforts to maintain high, up-to-date standards of expertise in their particular area of professional and scientific knowledge, continuously staying up-to-date on ethics rules and laws pertaining to their fields of work, with each employee adhering to his particular field's professional standards and knowledge.

Managers and employees in fields that do not yet have consolidated, recognized professional standards will act according to considerations based on scientific and professional expertise, and will adopt appropriate cautionary measures.

Managers and employees will work in an ethical manner, in full consultation with coworkers and industry professionals.


Appearance and suitable attire

The appearance of each team member and of the team as a whole, expresses our company's character and respect for our clients, partners and colleagues. As part of our organizational culture, managers and workers should be meticulous about maintaining a proper, neat, and clean appearance. Company directors and employees are required to arrive at work in clean, respectable and tidy attire that suits their position and the character of the company. When meeting with people outside the company, they are required to make sure to wear appropriate, customary business attire.  

Any employee who has direct contact with clients and external bodies must be especially meticulous about a suitable appearance as reflected in clothing, hairstyle, and so forth.

A respectable appearance is an important foundation of a pleasant work environment that all can share.