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About the Company

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Kardan Real Estate, a leader in the Israeli real estate market, initiates and develops residential projects and income-producing properties.

The company is part of the Kardan Israel group which is involved in a variety of sectors, including communications, technology, and real estate fields. Kardan Real Estate develops and builds thousands of residential units throughout Israel, manages and maintains real estate properties, and performs contracting work through its own El Har contracting company.

Kardan Real Estate offers its clients comprehensive solutions during all phases of the project – development, engineering planning, construction, apartment delivery, and even service after residents move into their homes.

After identifying the municipal, national and local urban renewal trend and realizing its latent profit potential, the company gained vast experience developing and constructing Tama 38 (Amendment 2) and Vacate and Build projects throughout Israel's central region.

In cities all over Israel, Kardan projects are in the various stages of identification, planning, and execution.

Some company projects are operated through business partnerships with the best contracting companies in the relevant industries.

Kardan Real Estate has set its sights on remaining a leader in the residential real estate sector, focusing on providing customers with quality service.

The company has gained vast experience in constructing large residential projects, and its broad professional knowledge, financial stability and the talent and experience of its employees, place it among the industry's leading real estate developers.

Choosing where to raise a growing family is not a simple decision.

At Kardan Real Estate, we believe that the key phrase is to "feel at home", and therefore, our client's welfare is our top priority through every phase of planning and construction.

As part of the Kardan Group, the company brings broad knowledge, reliability and financial stability that have been accumulated through years of extensive construction operations and the construction of many successful projects for thousands of families.  


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