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Tama 38 and its amendments

In order to encourage urban renewal a nationwide plan was legislated, known as Tama 38. This plan's primary goal is to strengthen existing buildings to withstand earthquakes. Tama 38 includes directives and standards aimed at reducing risks and make buildings safer during an earthquake.

Economic incentives for residents, such as augmented construction privileges, encourage them to seek building permits for building reinforcement.

Residents of residential buildings entitled to Tama rights (see guide) receive authorization from the local planning and construction board to reinforce their building with or without additional construction, to expand the existing apartment area, and build additional stories, either for new apartments or to increase the area of the apartments below (see guide).

Tama enables the optional addition of an elevator, parking, balconies, or safe rooms, as well as updates to the design of the building.

Kardan Real Estate has honed its skills with vast experience on Tama 38 (Amendment 2) projects. The company has an experienced team of professionals who are prominent in their fields and who accompany the residents throughout the process, providing peace of mind and confidence in the quality of construction, as well as courtesy, responsiveness, exceptional commitment, and complete transparency.




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