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Vacate and Build (Pinui Binui) – Introduction


The shortage of open lots and the desire to utilize land more efficiently while creating future sources of residential space, has made Vacate and Build programs a popular part of the urban renewal policy in city centers.

Vacate and Build is the process of demolishing a neighborhood's buildings and constructing them anew, improving the infrastructure by offering developers added building privileges and tax benefits (like exemption from land betterment tax).

Sites designated for Vacate and Build are usually low-quality buildings which will be completely demolished, requiring residents to move into temporary alternative housing.

The project developer must have the residents' signed approval to commence any Vacate and Build project.

The agreement with the developer promises residents a new apartment of equal or larger size, temporary housing during the construction process, payment of temporary rent, and a series of required guarantees and securities.

The existing buildings are replaced by taller buildings with more apartments, some of which are given to the current residents, with the rest sold to new residents.

This process rejuvenates the building and the neighborhood, raises the value of all apartments, introduces new residents, and generates environmental development.

The entire process and its management are conducted in coordination with the local authorities and planning authorities.

The inter-ministry urban renewal committee, local authority, development company, and apartment owners, are all involved throughout the process.

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